The interiors that fill with power...

We design stylish, functional interiors for homes and businesses

Since 2007, Heartland Group has been designing interiors and outfitting spaces with furniture, lighting, and accessories from well-known European brands. Our mission is to create exquisite interiors that can revive a person’s energy and fill them with strength.

Design Bureau

My name is Svetlana Tikhonova, and I am the founder and head of the Heartland Group. Our team of professionals has created a business whose clients report a high level of satisfaction with the results of our work on projects from start to finish. After completing a project with us, our clients have no desire for new design partners. Extensive experience in cooperation with builders and developers allows us to solve problems of any scale and complexity.



To create a stylish and unique interior, we offer the following services:

Level Group
Level Group
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